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Supercharge Your Earnings
With SureYield DeFi Powerhouse.


Grow your crypto assets with SureYield DeFi products. Our mission is to make DeFi accessible, profitable, and hassle-free for everyone. Get ready for SUPERCHARGED earnings across Multichain.

Insured Trading

NO-LOSS Trading. Your deposited trading capital is 100% insured. No matter if you win or lose you receive your deposit value back in SYD.

Trade TOP crypto tokens. Long or Short with 2x leverage BTC, ETH, SOL, MATIC, AVAX, OP and many more.

Trade with 2x leverage without the risk of  loss or liquidation. There are no opening, closing or rollover fees either.

Yield Farming Made Easy

Strategically places liquidity in top-tier UNISWAP v3 concentrated pools.

Uses an advanced server-side Reinforcement Learning (RL) decision-making model to optimize your positions.

Automatically rebalances the range of the liquidity position for maximum efficiency through integration with Gelato Network.

SureYield Network


Cross Chain Design


Frequently Asked Questions


Yield Farming: How Does SureYield Generate Fees for users?

The USDC deposited is allocated into concentrated liquidity positions across selected Uniswap V3 pairs. In return, SureYield earns fees from these liquidity positions. 80% of which are redistributed to users according to their share of the pool.

Yield Farming: Can I compound or withdraw my earnings?

Yes, users can manually compound their earnings or withdraw them while keeping the initial capital untouched in the pool.

How is SureYield able to sustain such a high APR?

With Uniswap V3 concentrated liquidity providing we can select very tight ranges which combined with blue chip pools such as ETH/USDC translates to high fees. On top of that our AI automatically manages the positions and rebalances them according to the market data it receives 24/7.

In other words: High volume + tight range + AI is how we succeed in having these APRs

Yield Farming: Are you planning to launch on other chains?

Yes we are! As long as the chains support the following criterias there’s nothing holding us back:

-The chain is EVM compatible

-They have a Dex built on Uniswap V3 technology

-There’s enough volume happening for users to be profitable

Insured Trading: What is SureYield Insured Trading?

SureYield Insured Trading allows users to long or short top crypto tokens with 2x leverage and a 5% take profit target. Trades are insured, meaning if a trade results in a loss, the initial investment is returned in SYD tokens.

Insured Trading: How is my trade insured?

If your trade does not reach the profit target and results in a loss, SureYield insures your initial investment by returning it in SYD tokens.

Insured Trading: What is the role of the SYD token in Insured Trading?

The SYD token is used for both profit payouts and insurance coverage. It also benefits from deflationary mechanics, buy pressure, and liquidity enhancement, contributing to its value and utility in the ecosystem.

Insured Trading: Are there any fees associated with Insured Trading?

No, SureYield Insured Trading has no opening, closing, or rollover fees, making it a cost-effective trading option.

Medium Updates

INTRODUCING: SureYield Insured Trading

SureYield is set to revolutionize crypto trading with the launch of Insured Trading on the Base blockchain.

INTRODUCING: SureYield — SYD Token

The SYD token is a fundamental pillar of the SureYield ecosystem, ensuring that our users achieve profitability and success while leveraging our platform.

SureYield — DeFi Powerhouse

Presenting — SureYield, a cutting-edge DeFi platform designed to maximize your crypto earnings through innovative and user-friendly financial products.

Embrace The Next Generation Of Yield Farming with SureYield!